Go about the planning of wedding can be one of the most absolute fun and rewarding things that you ever do, but it can also be filled with stress and hours and hours of work. There are so many things that one most plan out perfectly for a wedding. With figuring out the guest list, the meal, whether to pick a band or a DJ, the dress or tuxedo, and so on, there are so many factors that one must consider that become problematic, especially when you are working with a budget. However, one of the most important aspect of the wedding planning process that many people don't even consider is the transportation for the wedding. Sure, you might thank that you don't need to go beyond renting a limousine for the bride and groom for the wedding, but that leaves out a lot of considerations. Many of our guests might not be familiar with the area, and with the traditional gap between the ceremony and reception, this can lead to some pretty lofty issues.

You absolutely do not want your guests to be arriving to the reception late and disrupting the whole event. This could ruin everything that you spent so hard planning. However, by renting a luxury vehicle, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly and that the wedding reception that you spent so much time planning will go off without a hitch. With the impressive size and wide ranging features of our fleet, you can be sure that no matter the size of your guest list, we will have something that will meet your needs.


Being the parent of a high schooler is best compared to a roller coaster. With a bunch of peaks, turns, and twists along the way, it can be one of the most difficult and yet rewarding things that you ever do. Your child will surely make a great deal of changes throughout their high school years -- they will begin to shape who they are, and they will have some of their early defining accomplishments that they will take great pride in for years to come. Some of the most important events that occur during the high school years are undoubtedly the high school dances such as Homecoming and Prom. These events are incredibly important in the shaping of a high schooler's social abilities.

With so many things to think about with Prom and Homecoming, things can get kind of hectic. And a lot of the costs will inevitably fall upon the parent. These costs can include things like the tickets,t he outfits, the corsages, the boutonnieres, the hairstyles, the dinner, and so on and on. Once you consider these costs, the last thing that you want to consider is the transportation. But the reality of the situation is that transportation is actually one of the most important aspects of the school dance planning. Think about it: do you really want to be carting around a large group of high schoolers all night? Many high schoolers like to go to school dances with a large group of friends, and unless you own a bus, this could prove to be a little trick. The greatest (and most convenient to you) way to handle the event is to rent a luxury vehicle to transport them around!

Bachelorette Parties

Planning a bachelorette party can sometimes be just as involved as the wedding planning process. Okay, not really, but that doesn't mean that a great amount of planning and careful organization needs to go into this to make sure that the bride to be has the most memorable and exciting night of h er life up until that point. The bachelorette party is a remarkably important event that you must take very seriously. It is the night where the bride to be is able to really let her hair down and celebrate her last couple of days as an unmarried woman. It should be as intricately planned and fun as it possibly can be.

The absolute best way to make sure that the bachelorette party goes off without a hitch is by planning for all of the best venues. The bachelorette party should be ripe with fantastic bars, casinos, lounges, spas, and so on and so forth. However, it is also important to figure out the transportation for the bachelorette party. You can either figure out how you can split everyone into their own vehicles, force them to deal with traffic, and assign a bunch of designated drivers. This is obviously the non-preferred way to go. The best way to circumvent the issues inherent in figuring out transportation for bachelorette party is by renting a luxury vehicle from Limousine Bakersfield! You will find that with all of the great features and amenities that come in each different vehicle, you will be able to celebrate the bachelorette party in style and with the utmost convenience.

Birthday Celebrations

The very last thing that you should do on your birthday is sit at home and have a basic celebration. This is, unfortunately, how many people end up spending their special day, but you should always celebrate your birthday int he best way you possibly can! You should go out and make the world your oyster! You should go out and hit all of your favorite bars, dance at all of the best clubs, and go about doing a bunch of your favorite activities. This becomes all the more true if the birthday you are celebrating is your 21st!

There is no better way to turn the party up than by renting a luxury vehicle to transport you and your party around to all of the best spots in the area, keeping the party going all throughout the night as you hit all of the best destinations and venues. There are a great number of things about luxury vehicles that will help create and contribute to the party atmosphere, including all of the wonderful amenities that you will love, such as exotic LED interior lights, concert quality speakers, flat screen televisions, and granite topped bar areas that can store and keep cold the drinks that you want during the celebration! If you rent a luxury vehicle for your birthday party celebration, you will find that it will be the best birthday celebration you can remember in recent history. Go all out and rent a luxury vehicle, you deserve it!