As you may notice, we don’t have pricing on our website. There’s a good reason for that; our prices are always changing. It raises and lowers due too many different factors like the price of parts to maintain the vehicles and the price of gas. We found that if we put the price on the website it caused a lot of problems with our customers. They called expecting one price but maybe we raised the price recently. We found it a whole lot easier if our customers just call us. Then that way we can give them the full price of what it would cost to rent a vehicle from us. Everyone should be able to afford a limousine or a limo bus. We don’t charge you anymore then the price we tell you over the phone. Some companies will tell you the price and when they’re outside your house, they'll demand more money before they start your run. We don’t do that.

We will tell you some tips on how you could save some money. First, always ask if we are running any deal. We always are running deals so there’s a good chance we have one for you. Next, there are times when renting a vehicle is more or less than other times. We have a peak time around wedding and prom season where prices are higher. Holidays are also more than other days. Weekends cost more than weekdays. Especially Saturdays and Fridays as they are the most expensive days of the week. To save some money, try having your event on a weekday during non-peak time.

You can get a free quote at any time, day or night. We have booking agents that are always available to answer your calls to give you quotes when the time is right with you. They can also answer any questions you might have about our buses or our services. You can get your quote pretty fast. All you have to do is have the following available when you call and you'll get your quote within a minute. Name, email, phone number, date of reservation, time of reservation, number of passengers, pick up location, credit or debit card for when you want to make your reservation final. You can tell them what you want if you know what type of the vehicle you want or you can get some help to pick which one would work best for you. Call us for you free quote and if you need some time to think about it, we'll save your quote. That way all you have to do is call back, give us your name and you’ll be able to get the same price that we quoted you a couple days before. Call us for your free quote now, we book fast.


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